Rules and Regulations

Herein below are the Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Referral System.

1. The Referral System is a limited time offer. eightstock has the right to terminate the Referral System without prior notice and without any reason. 

2. Those who are enrolled in the Referral System when it is discontinued, will continue to receive their Referral Earnings based on their existing Referees until the Earning Duration is complete.

3. In order to continue enjoying the benefits of the Referral System, the conditions  are that: 

  • Referrers are not allowed to remove any content and re-upload it onto another account after they’ve achieved content sales amounting USD5,000.
  • Referrers can’t have the same content in two or more accounts.

4. The Referral Earnings will be paid out (“pay out”) to you provided that you shall have achieved a sales earning of no less than USD$5,000.00.

5. In the event that you are unable to qualify for the pay out in accordance with the Rules and Regulations within 10 years from the date of you becoming a Referrer, you will be removed from the Referral System and all your Referral Earnings will be forfeited.

6. You shall comply and adhere strictly to all the terms and conditions stipulated in all other relevant agreements pertaining to the Website and the use of the Website by you.

7. If any of the above terms are violated, the Referrer will be removed from the Referral System and all their Referral Earnings that have not been paid out will be forfeited immediately.

8. You acknowledge and agree that eightstock, being wholly owned by United Gig shall be at liberty to at any time without notice to you, discontinue the Referral System or vary the Referral System and/or amend or vary any of the Rules and Regulations herein provided that such variation shall not be unreasonable and to the best of United Gig’s ability, will not affect the Referral System’s pay out.