eightstock Special Commission

1. Upload photos, videos, vectors or mobile photos/videos.

2. Earn between 30-65% commission when your content is purchased by our customers 

Commission Breakdown

A contributor’s annual commission rate is based on the Contributor Level they have achieved, which is determined by the sum of their commission in the previous 12 months.

Payment Terms

How will you be paid?
Direct transfer to your PayPal account.

When will you be paid?
Payments are made monthly to your contributor account and will be transferred to your PayPal account according to your minimum payment threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I haven’t made any sales for a couple of months in the last 12 months?
It is considered as part of the 12 months sales cycle even if there have been some slow months.

2. Do you determine the Contributor Level separately for non-exclusive and exclusive content?
No. The Contributor Level is determined by the sum of a contributor’s commission including non-exclusive and exclusive content.

A contributor’s total sales commission in 2019 (or the last 12 months):



The contributor’s commission rate for 2020 (or the next 12 months):

Based on USD 5,750 = Level 3,

Have more questions? Please send us an email at contributorsupport@eightstock.com