Collaboration System

General Information

1. Who can use the Collaboration System?
Anyone can use the Collaboration System. All they need is a Contributor/Collaborator account on eightstock and ideas for stock content. 

2. How much capital do I need to start a collaboration?
There is no capital required because with the Collaboration System, collaborators lend their expertise to each other’s projects to create content at no cost in return for a percentage of the long-term profits from the content sales on eightstock.There are also no hidden costs involved too – no registration fees to get started, no annual member fee, etc. 

3. Why does the collaborator list include investor?
Should a project involve costs, the producer can rope in an investor to finance it and give a percentage of the long-term profits to him/her. The investor simply needs to register for a Contributor/Collaborator account on eightstock.

4. How does an NGO/Nonprofit fit into the Collaboration System?
The Collaboration System allows collaborators to contribute to non-profits by allocating a percentage of the earnings from their projects to them. How? When forming a collaboration in the Collaboration System, simply choose a nonprofit from our NGO panel to contribute to.

Additionally, a non-profit can also be invited to be a collaborator in a project. For example, a producer can offer a percentage of the long-term earnings in return for a service or facility that a nonprofit provides to their project.

5. How can leveraging expertise in a collaboration enable me to earn more as professional photographer or videographer?
a. Helps you create more quality content
Two or more heads are better than one. By forming a collaboration with other creative professionals on our Collaboration System and leveraging each other’s expertise for your project, you can create more quality content that will potentially yield better profits. 

b. Allows you to pursue more projects and new ideas
With the freedom to form unlimited collaborations on the Collaboration System and having a diverse group of creative professionals on eightstock to collaborate with, you can get the job done more efficiently and wrap up your projects faster, which frees up time for you to create more and to pursue a variety of projects/ideas than you wouldn’t have while working alone.

c. Enables you to have bigger production teams and be more productive.
With the freedom to form a team at no cost on our Collaboration System, you can afford a larger team especially for big projects or productions for example you can engage multiple photographers or videographers to help you on one production. 

6. How can being an eightstock contributor allow me to expand my career as an artist internationally and to work on projects worldwide?
On eightstock, you can collaborate with anyone around the world. If you know a contributor in a country you’re travelling to, you can invite the contributor to collaborate with you on a project while you are there. Vice versa, the contributor may have a project that you can jump on while you’re visiting. Through this, you can expand your network by creating new connections during the production, share resources and expertise. There are just endless possibilities to create collaborations and expand your career beyond your borders with the Collaboration System.

The Mechanics

1. Who can be a producer?
Anyone. You can be a photographer, stylist, model or even an influencer to initiate a collaboration, the only requirement is that you have ideas, creativity and vision to create stock content.  

2. How many collaborators can I have in a collaboration?
Anywhere between 2 to 8 collaborators including the producer and NGO.

3. What if the collaborator I want to work with isn’t on eightstock?
No problem. Fill in their email address on the Collaboration Invite and we will send them a link to sign up as a Contributor/Collaborator. Alternatively, you can personally invite them to join eightstock by sending them the Contributor Referral Link from your Contributor/Collaborator account. This way, they will also be your referee in the Referral System.

4. What if someone rejects my collaboration invite?
You can consider giving them a better offer if it’s because they are not agreeable to the earning terms by sending them a revised invite or you can reach out to another potential collaborator you know.

5. How do we know if a collaboration has been formed?
When a collaboration is formed, you will find the name of the collaboration group in your Current Groups in the Collaboration System. If it’s not there, then it has yet to be formed, perhaps because some of the collaborators involved haven’t accepted the invite yet. 

6. What if I want to leave a collaboration after I’ve accepted the invite?
You can ask the producer to remove you from the collaboration. Only the producer can actually remove you but they will still need to get your consent to confirm that you want to be removed from the collaboration (as part of the Collaboration System’s protective measures to safeguard collaborators in a collaboration). When the producer removes you, you will receive a request from the producer to be removed from the collaboration. Simply accept the request and you will be removed from the collaboration. 

7. What if the producer wants to terminate the collaboration after it’s been formed?
They can but only with all the collaborators’ consent. The producer has to send the collaborators a request to end/delete the collaboration and ALL the collaborators will need to accept the request in order to end it. Even if one collaborator rejects the request, the collaboration group will remain.

8. What else can’t the producer do without the collaborator’s consent? 
The producer is not allowed to revise the collaborators’ Earning Percentage or Years Entitled. They can’t remove collaborators from a collaboration, change the role of collaborators, delete the collaboration group or delete the content from the project that has been uploaded on eightstock for sale.  

9. Is there a limit to the number of collaborations a producer can form?
No, there’s no limit. 

10. Can collaborators be in different collaborations?
Certainly. Collaborators are free to be part of as many collaborations and with as many different collaborators as they like! They can also keep teaming up with the same collaborators if they choose.


1. How are the earnings divided among the collaborators?
When the content from the project of a collaboration generates revenue, the Collaboration System will automatically divide and disburse it among the collaborators according to the respective earning terms.  

2. Can I amend the Earning Percentage once the collaboration is formed?
You may, provided that you and the producer mutually-agrees to the revised Earning Percentage. The Collaboration System only allows the producer to actually revise any details of a collaboration. If you and the producer mutually-agree to the revised Earning Percentage, the Producer will still need to get your approval by sending a  request to make the changes to confirm that you agree to the revised Earning Percentage (as part of the Collaboration System’s protective measures to safeguard collaborators in a collaboration).

3. Can a producer change my Earning Percentage or Years Entitled?
Not without your consent. The Collaboration System is equipped with some protective measures to safeguard all collaborators. Without the collaborator(s) consent, the producer is not allowed to revise their Earning Percentage or Years Entitled, to remove collaborators from a collaboration, delete the collaboration group or delete the content from the project that has been uploaded on eightstock for sale.  

4. How do I as a collaborator make sure I get paid according to the Earning Percentage as agreed by the producer on the content uploaded on eightstock?
You can be assured because it is part of the Collaboration Agreement that is enforced by eightstock. According to the Collaboration Agreement between producer and the respective collaborators, eightstock is also solely in charge of dividing the earnings and transferring the earnings to each collaborator accordingly. 

Terms & Conditions/Agreements

1. What are the Collaboration System Terms & Conditions? For the full Terms and Conditions governing all parties in the Collaboration System, please refer to it here

2. What is the difference between the Collaboration System Terms and Conditions and the Sample Agreement?
The Sample Agreement as its name suggests, is a reference for a Producer and Collaborators should they need to tailor a supplementary agreement to further protect additional contractual rights between them that is not included in the standard Collaboration System Terms & Conditions. It is meant to further protect any additional terms and rights between the Producer and Collaborators and is outside the purview of eightstock. eightstock only recognises and enforces the Collaboration System terms and conditions.

3. What is the duty and responsibility of eightstock in relation to the Terms & Conditions on the Collaboration System?
The website’s role is as a facilitator, ensuring payment is made according to the terms and conditions agreed by the parties in the collaboration. It ensures that the revenue from the content created by the collaboration is divided and disbursed to the collaborators according to the mutually-agreed earning terms. eightstock makes sure that the earnings from content is accessible and visible to all collaborators in the collaboration. It also ensures that no actions can be taken by the Producer on the following without the consent of the respective or all collaborators involved: changing the collaborators’ Earning Percentage, Years Entitled and Role, to remove collaborator from the collaboration, delete contents uploaded on eightstock that were derived from the collaboration or delete a collaboration group.